About the APA

The American Poolplayers Association was founded in 1979 by professional poolplayers Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart (pictured left). The two men realized the popularity of the sport and knew that, unlike other sports, there was no existing recreational league system. Back then the league was called the National Pool League. The name was changed to American Poolplayers Association (APA) in 1981.

 Over the years, the APA Pool League has gone by many names, including The American Pool League, Busch Pool League, and Bud Light Pool League. 

Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart maintain positions on the APA's Board of Directors, and strive to create continued interest and growth in the sport of pool. Renee Poehlman, (pictured right), has held the position of APA President since April of 1995. As President, she has total responsibility for overseeing the daily operations and future growth of the League. She was appointed to her position by former APA President Terry Bell, when he stepped down to assume a position on the Board Of Directors.

 The APA Nationally

 Today, the APA, also known as the Canadian Poolplayers  Association in Canada and the Japanese Poolplayers Association in  Japan, has grown to more than 265,000 members and boasts more  members than all other “national” leagues combined. The League is  administered locally by a network of Franchise Operators, called League  Operators, and is conducted weekly in a variety of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball team formats. There are nearly 300 APA Leagues throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan.
APA League teams have the opportunity to advance to the APA National Team Championships
each summer in Las Vegas. In 2010, Guinness World Records recognized this event as the World’s Largest Pool tournament. In addition, the APA also hosts a second tournament, the APA National Singles Championships, in Las Vegas each spring. APA pays out a combined $1.5 Million annually at these tournaments.
The APA also conducts the U.S. Amateur Championship, the pool world’s most prestigious amateur tournament, which is the only competition open to APA members and nonmembers alike. The tournament began in 1994 and has grown significantly over the year, as players across North America battle for a spot in this coveted event.  
The APA is has also been recognized as one of the top small business and home based franchise opportunities in the world. Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized the APA each year since 1999 in their Annual Franchise 500 rankings. In 2010, Forbes magazine ranked the APA as the #2 “Top 20 Franchises to Start.”   One of the keys to the success of the American Poolplayers Association is The Equalizer®, the unique handicapping and scoring system that makes it possible for players of different playing abilities — especially novices and beginners — to compete on an equal basis, much like they do in golf and bowling. The Equalizer® uses a formula that measures a player’s ability. The result is a handicap of how many games a player must win to capture a match in 8-Ball or the number of points a player must earn to win a match in the 9-Ball format.

 The APA Locally

The Southern Michigan APA Pool League is owned and operated by League Operator, Jim Cavender.  Jim has been running this franchise of the APA since November of 2000.  He won APA League Operator of the Year in both 2012 and 2014. 

The Southern Michigan APA boasts over 230 teams that compete weekly in 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Doubles, Senior, Ladies, and Juniors formats.  There are also over 1000 local members and still growing. Southern Michigan APA boasts league play in Calhoun, Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee counties.  We offer pool players, of all ages and skill levels, across the area the opportunity participate in a well organized and professionally managed amateur pool league.  
In addition to weekly league play, we also offer a variety of tournaments for our APA members. Tournaments include both singles, doubles, and team tournaments that range from local qualifying tournaments, to cash payout tournaments, and Vegas Qualifying tournaments. The Southern Michigan APA pays out a very generous amount annually in cash, prizes, and travel assistance!  Add that to the over $1.5 Million paid out at National APA Tournaments and Events and you can see why the APA is undoubtedly #1.

Jim Cavender, 2014 APA League Operator of the Year, accepting his awards at the League Operator Awards Banquet In Las Vegas, NV. 


History of Billiards

The History of Billiards is rich and interesting. The game we know today has evolved over centuries, morphing from games popular during different periods of history. Billiards is known to have evolved from a lawn game, similar to croquet. Play was eventually moved indoors to a wooden table with green cloth, to simulate grass. The history of the “Noble Game of Billiards” is deep and vast, the table, tools for play and rules have changed century to century. Billiards enthusiasts have included, Kings, Queens, commoners, Conquistadors, church officials, Presidents, up to modern day players and professionals.